To New Beginnings!

To New beginnings.

Yes, I made a silly deal with myself that once I cross 1k followers on Instagram, I would start blogging about my obsession with food. But a lot changes over time,yes?

So I have decided this is going to be more than that. More so,about everything I am passionate about, everything I cherish – Faujibrat adventures, Travel stories, My #suchyum #muchplum posts, My dance journey, Xavierite tales, AIESEC conferences, Family ups and downs, Lessons learnt the hard way, Lessons learnt the easy way, Friendship journeys – basically, EverythingAtOnce! Hence the web address 😛 (In case you did not notice) Yeah, talk about being obvious.

What started off as something very childish will definitely go for long as how the completely chidlish girl turned into what I have become today (which you will only know if you follow this page regularly, Ha, 10 points to get more subscribers? Is that what they call followers here?)


Post Summer Workshop Performance with a very dear friend from The Danceworx Performing Arts Company. Cheers!

In a way I am glad I made this deal.

As I am completely new to this space, Forever open to critical feedback!

Cheers to new beginnings 🙂

Signing off,




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