Follow your “K” Passion

As a kid, I was passionate to be the “All Rounder” at school and won that award consecutively for six years- yes, from Mathematics Relay Race to Best out of Waste to Highest grades to Teacher’s favorite to the Soloist in dances- I had it all. (Wow, what consistency)


Love for Minions should be shown all the time. YUS.

My older sister introduced me to basketball and in secondary section, that became my passion which was lived with my childhood bestie till the 1st year of college. Those crazy practices, inter-house competitions, to the try-outs, to making it to top 5, those lay-up trios and fast breaks.


There was a time when I really wanted to establish an All Women National Basketball Team and take the sport international for us. We used to bleed and sweat and would dance in our wins and cry in our losses.


In senior secondary school, it was Numbers and economy that attracted me towards them. Without a second thought I took up Science and Economics. Science because I was sure that a Science student can take Arts but an Arts student cannot take Science. Fundas had been clear ever since! Though difficult at first, I loved the challenges Derivatives and National Income Accounting gave me.I would do a little happy dance in my head whenever I got them right! I was so sure that I wanted to study at Indian Statistical Institute after I graduate in Eco,Math and Stats from a prestigious institute.

Once college started, I realised by my true love lies in Stats and not Maths (Blame the terrible Math department of Xavier’s in 2012). So naturally I graduated in Eco-Stats and decided to work for a year and then go for masters in Statistics. Ofcourse, we jumped and danced in the rains during convocation, (yeah, it was raining here back then) unaware of what lies ahead.



So I joined this start-up. Helping them set up the Analytics function for People Analytics. Well, it was fun to work with numbers in a way.And not, in a way. In two months of joining, I joined the Danceworx Summer workshop and oh you should have seen how happy I used to be while I would leave office every Monday and Thursday. Those few days that I used to look forward going to office right from the time I would get up! But clearly, I couldn’t continue with the regular classes because office has people and people have issues. I danced in silence whenever my room would be empty and imagine myself doing some beautiful contemporary moves which in real life, looks very potato-like.

All said and done I quit my job after a year and took up probation at Danceworx. the story in between will be covered some other day. And I have never been this happy.

If you just take 2 minutes to re-read my blog, you’ll notice I have danced in every instance.
That’s my constant, That’s my Scientific “K”.
That’s my “K” passion.

Find that for yourself. And live it up!

Like always, forever open to critical feedback






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