The Story of Pink Pasta

Back then we had all heard of Street side food, it usually was inclusive of pani puris, dahi puris,those masala peanuts, that mango flavored chakana, vada pav, pav bhaji but CONTINENTAL?

“NO WAY”, I exclaimed when one rainy evening a friend suggested we have the famous World Trade Centre Pasta in Mumbai. I have always imagined pastas ,nachos and quesadillas to be of a very high end food delicacy which I was not sure to have from a road side guy.

We went. We smelled. We ordered and WE LOVED IT!


I have taken a lot of people who are new to Mumbai- old friends, office colleagues(unaware of the word “town” :P), AIESEC Interns and trust me- Their quality and quantity can even challenge a high end restaurant.

The amount of cheese and butter that they put generously is definitely worth the buy. The place is quite hygienic as well. They had an unusual variety of “Pink Pasta” – which they proudly told me ” Madam, red aur white ko mix karke wohi toh milega!” (Madam, you’ll get pink after you mix red and white pasta). In my first trip there, I played it safe by just ordering the white one.

In my third trip, I took a chance and tried their PINK Pasta. A great combination of tanginess and cheesiness! Would give this place a 9.5/10

It is amazing how Indians can produce such great things. The amount of talent this country possesses!





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