To be or Just let it be

We all keep hearing these things”TO BE” right from our childhood to

Be sincere
Be honest
Be smart
Be a hard-worker
Be polite
Be obedient
Be able
Be trustworthy
Be Calculative
Be an all rounder



Be successful
Be rich
Be bold
Be fearless
Be Passionate
Be fit
Be free
Be a fighter
Be a lover
Be active
Be creative
Be different
Be unique
Be accepting

Well, these plethora of adjectives that the world sometimes (actually, always) imposes on us, we tend to be left with only ONE choice – To actually “be” or just let it be and either just sit back and watch this drama called “Life” as it plays by or take the “Be happy”, most seriously.

(2b) *insert downward U* (2b-)



I am not trying to make a point that these two are mutually exclusive, maybe by being happy, you are also being fit, active, honest and smart. All my math loving friends would have smirked by seeing the image whereas I can see the hatred in some eyes. šŸ˜›

The only point I am trying to make is instead of going towards “Just let it be”, “Be happy.” Here “Just let it be” is taken to be in a not so very positive context- completely tired and sick of life and absolutely hopeless and ambition-less. You get the picture,right?

Be Happy, Stay Blessed.

Like always, forever open to critical feedback!




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