“Nacho” Saare Gee Phadke!

Initially, I was never a fan of Nachos. Because my first experience with them was in an air tight packet which tasted like weird fried chips. So whenever anyone spoke to me about Nachos, my first reaction would be YUCK, WHY IS THIS EVEN IN INDIA!

Well, who knew those lovely fried/baked chips could be one of my most ordered dish on Instagram! It was at Bombay Blues, in the year 2013 that I had my first “good” experience with Nachos. I am going to pick my top ones and tell you where you can get them!

1) Chillies, Near Singapore’s Universal Studioimg_20150506_171027

After an exhilarating day at Universal Studios(our first time there!), we were obviously very starved. We entered the place right near the exit of the studio to find ourself ordering a lot of Mexican food and yes, it was absolutely the BEST Nachos I ever had! The Nachos were not very crispy, not soggy either but a perfect blend between the two.

No, for the others you do not need a passport 😛

2) Irish House,Fort



We went here after our convocation because like always my group was not sure where to go to celebrate this occasion. We were on top of the world to have finally graduated and were munching onto these crispy nachos because hey, Nachos can never go wrong,right?
You HAVE to try these out!!

3)Local, Fort

I took my parents out to show places where I usually chill back when I was in college and when I had just started working. My mom was not too happy with the loud music but enjoyed everything we ordered. Fortunately for me, it was not very crowded so we could still talk at the table.


4) Ovenfresh, Dadar


Isn’t your mouth just watering by looking at this? Well it was much more full when it came on the plate. But we couldn’t stop ourselves so I just HAD to click the best cheese nachos! Go to this place,AMAZING FOOD! Went with my office lifelines to a casual dinner here.

5) Bar Stock Exchange,Lokhandwala

It was our 21st birthday. And we stormed into that place.”No Entry Under 25″ rule, we broke that day! The Nachos were the crispiest I have ever had. Actually they hardly tasted like Nachos but it still was a great “chakna”


6) Cafe Coffee Day, Bandra

Yeah you read that right. “Who eats Nachos at CCD!” Well, my friend and I did. She had some very important and big news to share with me that day. I went there straight after office as I was not sure if things were ok at her end as we had not met and spoken for months. Coming back to the nachos, To my surprise, they did quite a good job!


Do you want me to try some favorites from your list?

Do comment below and I shall try them out!

Keep eating,Stay Healthy



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