I don’t know about you,But I’m not ready for 22

Hello,you lovely face reading this.

This is a pure birthday rant. Do not expect some great level of wisdom here.

Warned you.

Fine. You only chose to read.

Here goes:

I am going to turn 22 in a week.
Let me just digest that.

Why am I making such a big deal out of it? Everyone turns 22,right? Right.
Age is just a number? No. NOT. Especially not in my case. When you look 16, but are mentally 26 but from heart a simple 6. What are you supposed to do!

Although I told myself that I will eat a whole big box of Nutella on that day, so I am kinda looking forward to it. But that is just a small thing to make me look forward to it. Yeah, I try to play mind games with myself

It is a weird age.
You’re still figuring how to adult.
Your dark circles are actually bigger than the Ront de jambe you make in your ballet classes. (That’s the funniest thing I have ever said btw!)

A part of me wants to really go all out and fulfil my party desires as my schedule does not really allow me to have a that life as such. Another part of me wants to just take a leave and sleep in the day and go out with my famjam.

I absolutely miss my college gang aka friends for life aka ch..um, nevermind (:P, you guys stop smirking!). They would make it the most special thing on the surface of the Earth. EVERY YEAR. College was definitely the best time with them!
Also, it will be without her because hello exams. But that is cool I think. #BirthdaytwinsAt12am


On another note,to be very honest, I do not know why people make such a big deal about birthdays. I mean fine,yes, your parents took the effort, your mom went through the pain and the doctors actually took you out and you made hardly any effort other than breathing which is very natural, so what is this celebration about? Your sheer existence that still hasn’t made any major impact in the world?

Yes, celebrate small wins but always keep the bigger goals in mind. Make the world a better place because they do not need successful people any more. The world needs successful human beings.

Be happy, don’t panic.

And miracles will happen!


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