The Night I finally Gate-crashed a Fancy Wedding

We all have this one wish in our bucket list that just never seems to happen. Either we aren’t ready when the opportunity arises or the opportunity does not arise when we are! But 2 weeks back, coincidentally both were ready and being the opportunistic I am, we decided to finally tick that off!

My friend and I finally reached the place we were to go for another friend’s birthday scene and we see this fancy lit up place facing the waters right next to Gateway. Although I wanted to crash one at Marine drive but this one was no less.We entered to find out that there is no mention of the bride and groom. Typical Indian weddings usually have the “BOY weds GIRL” in proper noun just outside the gate. We walked further to find the only name mentioned was “Food Catered by Grills and Wok”. OK. We walked further and made it a point to go to the stage to wish the bride and the groom but the bride was not on stage. That made us think that maybe this not a wedding, it is just a hotel opening maybe. There was no music, no dance happening, no Chat counter,no scene of people only standing near the food stalls. Couldn’t be a wedding,right? WRONG.

We looked around only to find ourselves standing out from the beautifully dressed Muslim ladies (I do not know how ALL of them have such glowing skin!) and absolutely stunning, handsome men who had clearly dressed for a wedding. We turn towards the side where we thought food would be served only to find the bride walking with her sister’s. Yes, some people constantly had their eyes on us as we clearly weren’t in a similar attire but we were in formals.

OK. We had gatecrashed a wedding afterall. WIN. A Muslim one- this was my first time experience so I don’t mean to generalise but this is how it was for us.

Since we did not know who’s wedding we were in, we decided to keep our identity as surprise food inspectors from the caterers’ side to monitor the quality. #YAYBRAIN Thankfully the attire helped us with that identity so *phew*

By now our stomach was rumbling. But the food counter only had desserts and juices. “Where is the food served?”, I shamelessly asked a waiter as he passed by. He said that the starters and main course is served only on the table. Since most of the tables were filled, we decided to sit next to the two people sitting in a eight seater. We waited for sometime but no one seemed to come to serve us. Hangry me, I asked them what is going on. They said they cannot start serving a table if eight people are not sitting on one. “WHAT IS THIS SYSTEMATIC WEDDING”, I screamed in my head. We maintained our poise and calm to sit on another table that needed just two more people for them to start serving. Of course, we felt bad for the two people we left behind but sorry, stomach before humanity!

Starters started pouring in. Every single thing was from some animal’s body. Preferred vegetarian that I was, chose to give them a shot. Tasted damn fine and then the royal Chicken Biriyani comes in. You can only imagine how yumm in the tumm that was!

Surprisingly,no one asked us anything. Confidence definitely sells everywhere. Yes, there were times when my friend thought that if they got to know they could kill us but all in most laughable way!

I am a fool for experiences as they help me strengthen my belief that the world is not that bad a place and people are quite great and judgements should not be made on the basis of just 1% of people that are bad in every race/culture/religion/country/continent.

The evening ended well with a different experience of an Indian wedding. Hoping many more experiences in 2017.

Signing off,




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