Of Fancy Dreams and Real Efforts

Oh, how easy it is to think of yourself on the stage. Spotlights on you. The crowd going bonkers, screaming your name and jumping with fan-boards saying “Marry Me!”while you dance your heart out.

How easy it is to go for that  fan-fest, being the highlight of the evening, signing tees,album records, books, papers, hands,shoes and other things people come up with.

How easy it is to imagine singing in front of that beautifully set up space with the most ideal musicians and audience.

Ideal. That is how are dreams tend to be. It is easy to dream such dreams, looking up at the sky with glitter in your eyes and a priceless smile on your face.


But is it really that easy to achieve them? Oh NO. Oh, HELL NO.

There will be a dozen of unpredictable things that can happen and will go wrong, beyond your imagination and control. Your support system may fall apart, for all you know ,you might not even have a support system. You might not be accepted, people would legit ask you to quit and say it is not meant for you. They will embarrass you and make you only look at your failures. There will be roadblocks, injuries, accidents, absolutely broke days, uninspired days, sick of everything week, why am I even doing this month.

And that is when I would want you to read/watch “The Pursuit of Happyness”. And engrave this in your head- “You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

You will have to celebrate your small wins, even if it is just by yourself. But celebrate. Appreciate every little bold step that you take towards your progress, make those addictive, unhealthy sacrifices. Push yourself because nobody else is going to do that for you. Work smart and hard. Harder,Hardest. And most importantly, be patient. Everything will happen with time. It takes some real tough work to get what you really want . Out of the 60 minutes in an hour, every minute of all the 24 hours, you probably will have a thought of quitting, with that ache in your heart, the crumpled soul, the bleeding stomach, the dead body, the tired mind. You will ask if this is even worth all the efforts, when everyday is a fight with yourself to become better than what you were yesterday. You will question your sanity, your decisions, the opportunity costs, which will always be too damn high.

Then there will be times when you are glad to be breathing with happiness in soul and celebrating the fact that you are eventually doing what you love. The satisfaction, oh those moments of sheer pleasure- will tell you why it is worth it.  Irrespective of the fame or success (which will take a long time,mind you), you will still keep at it. Look back to only see how far you have come.

And you won’t even realise, you’ll become that diamond from the charcoal after the amount of pressure you went through. That is the day a star will be born without you even realising it, until then,

Keep Working , Keep Believing and Keep Celebrating 🙂




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