From Dusk to Dawn, From Smile to Frown

S (related to K): I love my job but I really want to be an entrepreneur. My parents are after my life to give them grandkids but what they do not talk about it what I want from my career, what I really want to achieve, what my dreams look like. It is just frustrating. I am deciding to let them pressurise my older sibling to give them their happiness of a lifetime with whatever time they have left.

K (related to S): I’ll  be retiring from the services in about 3 years and plan do start my own thing. I ave seen some retired colleagues of mine do that and are really happy doing it. So I think I will give it a shot. But hey, I was paid to go to college by the states, free from student debt!

I (related to P): Well, sometimes I think the only reason I have chosen this field is because I know I will get better money so that I am able to do the other things I like to do (travelling, eating,etc) but this field definitely isn’t driving me in anyway. I Just like how it enables me to do other things.

P (related to I): I have been asked to quit by my mentors while pursuing something which I feel is my calling. After taking it all to my heart and having breakdowns, I have decided to make them regret saying the things they did. I am failing at something that is supposed to make me happy but I am not giving up. You will always see me struggle but never quit.


The most beautiful evening (Ignore the image quality, that is all an overused Nexus 5 can give :P)


The evening was spent by this and even more as we sipped cold beer in the ice biting winds. This time here has given me a lot of time to understand people, their drivers, their passion and career choices. Of course, what most of us have selected is not very common, not very predictable, definitely is “The road less travelled by” and probably failed. But at least we will not have any regrets in our later stage of life where we are kind of expected to be by ourselves (mentally,emotionally,financially,physically, and any other -ally you would like to add,please go ahead!)


Yes, it is important to have a Plan B but oh the wonders belief and self-confidence can do!!

Here’s to more belief as we move from dusk to dawn,when smiles end with frown..





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