Remember the time when you were learning how to ride your bicycle..

471751_10150956695273944_2059010084_oDo you? Do you remember that time when you were so sure of falling and hurting yourself but you knew you wanted to cycle around in your beautiful sea-facing society? Do you? Do you remember shivering and being scared to hold the handle, let go of the legs from the ground only to start pedalling despite having the two human and mechanical supporters on either side?


Today, on my way to teach in a school, I noticed a teenager struggling to ride his bicycle even though he had two friends and two supporters on either side. At first, I was felt he was a little too old to learn and why would he even start so late, what were his parents thinking when he was younger. But obviously I slapped myself in the head just the next second for being judgemental. Maybe that was the first time he probably sat on one and couldn’t afford one all this while or he could have just recovered from a life changing injury. YOU NEVER KNOW!

How quick are we to jumping into conclusions. Why? Because we would like see the world how it should be from our eyes ONLY, not actually how it is.

Anyway, the point being:

  1. You are never too old to learn ANYTHING.
  2. It’s okay to be scared when you are doing something that you are unsure about.
  3. You cannot remain scared and continue doing whatever it is that you really want.
  4. You will GROW. There is nothing but that if you truly invest time in learning that something.
  5. Try not to judge people basis their actions. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
  6. Learn to trust people who support you/mentor you. Sometimes you may not understand their tough love.
  7. Make mistakes. Embrace them with a smile and stop stressing over it time and again. Eg: Check this out. Here Messing up while dancing and still going with the flow are two bold ladies. Yay,Riddhi.


I feel with age, we build walls around us. Wall of pride and prejudice. Wall of self-doubt and inferiority. Walls that should technically help us make a beautiful structure from the strong foundation that we have had but instead we make shaky statements from the uncertain thoughts that leads to unpredictable future and helplessness.

If only we could be as carefree as kids and just approach things ilife without over-thinking,over-reacting,over-doubting,over-working, over-expecting.

What would I do to live in such a world.




Why they say Everything Great lies outside your “Comfort Zone”

Hi, hello, its ME!

Yes, it has been a while. I have been traveling and have been wanting to tell you all the stories and experiences but THIS ONE experience I just had to type in and share it right away.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-15 at 7.31.51 PM

When the sky looks limitless, you feel it too!

My sister had been telling me for weeks to go and do this as she had already done it before. I kept on procrastinating because although I did climb some mountains, trekked, para-glided, but this was something WAYY above that. I mean jumping out of a fairly flying plane is not the best idea of sanity. I was scared. It is not normal. But I wondered and thought to myself, “What could really go wrong?”. Oh well, I did get a huge list of answer to that question while I signed the legal documents today at Sky Dive Rock. The reasons ranged from failure of equipment to failure of the human heart. While I read those out, I was hesitant to go forward with the formalities. The smiling faces and encouraging environment kept me from quitting. So we went up ahead.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-15 at 7.31.52 PM.jpeg

The de-stressing Foosball table 😀

As we were not very sure of the traffic from Madison to Beloit, we had reached earlier than our scheduled appointment. After the small training period, we had almost half an hour, where I de-stressed by playing foosball with my best sister. The other guys who turned up at their rightly scheduled appointment looked at me, who was so carefree by that time and remarked about the same. I am so glad we reached before time to not be so overwhelmed by the videos they showed during that small training.

In Tandem Jumping, you are literally trusting your life on your diver. Howy had a 29 year experience and had also set some world records in this field. He made me feel like a warrior.

My time had come.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-15 at 7.31.53 PM

Embarking the Magic Carpet


As we entered the plane and started flying up, my heart raced. I asked myself why am I doing this again? I have asked this question quite a lot of times this year after I switched my career to become a professional dancer, so it was not a very new question.
I wanted to fight my fears, and believe in myself. To have trust and confidence in someone who is helping me through my journey (my mentors and support system) in life. To dance through difficult situations and have faith that nothing will go wrong. So I sang some Fauji songs (rather screamed but no-one could really hear me,thankfully!). I looked at the view, took it all in, took a deep breath and shut my eyes to calm down.


It was quite a thrilling view

5 minutes before the jump, Howy hooked me on to him. Literally. Yes. That was quite comforting and nerve-wrecking at the same time because the jump was getting nearer but there was someone who I could rely on in case anything went wrong. As I was kneeling, my right leg went numb. I was not really sure about doing this. But I knew if my sister could do it, I could too. Putting my mind back on the positive track, I took deep breaths and watched the pilot give a thumbs up.

1 minute left. Howy opened the door. The wind hit me so hard as I was right next to the door. I wore my glasses. As soon as I took my hand out of the door, it flung up! I realised it was quite cold and windy outside. The moment I put my leg on the step after he did, we jumped. I doubt if I was mentally prepared for it because I was waiting for a signal from him that he had said he would give, which obviously seemed like a trap.


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.15.57 PM.png



We were free falling.



Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.20.48 PM.png

Bringing some peace to the world;)

I had already thought of doing splits and singing songs and smiling away to glory when I would jump but of course, it did not go as planned. But I did do something instead of just putting my hands up and screaming like a warrior! Most of the time my mouth just could not close because the winds were so damn strong and this new experience was so strong and overwhelming,so most of my pictures look like I am gasping for air but I really wasn’t! Howy let me do crazy turns mid air when we opened our parachute. It felt incredible. It felt great to be just flying and so worry-free. There is a gush of intense emotions throughout your body that leave you drained and so empowered at the same time.

I want to fly. And I know I can. Dance can let me do that.

I just cannot wait to get back and get going with all my goals that I have in mind which got so much of clarity because of this one experience.

And it’s not as scary as I make it sound. Go check that off your bucket list!



From Dusk to Dawn, From Smile to Frown

S (related to K): I love my job but I really want to be an entrepreneur. My parents are after my life to give them grandkids but what they do not talk about it what I want from my career, what I really want to achieve, what my dreams look like. It is just frustrating. I am deciding to let them pressurise my older sibling to give them their happiness of a lifetime with whatever time they have left.

K (related to S): I’ll  be retiring from the services in about 3 years and plan do start my own thing. I ave seen some retired colleagues of mine do that and are really happy doing it. So I think I will give it a shot. But hey, I was paid to go to college by the states, free from student debt!

I (related to P): Well, sometimes I think the only reason I have chosen this field is because I know I will get better money so that I am able to do the other things I like to do (travelling, eating,etc) but this field definitely isn’t driving me in anyway. I Just like how it enables me to do other things.

P (related to I): I have been asked to quit by my mentors while pursuing something which I feel is my calling. After taking it all to my heart and having breakdowns, I have decided to make them regret saying the things they did. I am failing at something that is supposed to make me happy but I am not giving up. You will always see me struggle but never quit.


The most beautiful evening (Ignore the image quality, that is all an overused Nexus 5 can give :P)


The evening was spent by this and even more as we sipped cold beer in the ice biting winds. This time here has given me a lot of time to understand people, their drivers, their passion and career choices. Of course, what most of us have selected is not very common, not very predictable, definitely is “The road less travelled by” and probably failed. But at least we will not have any regrets in our later stage of life where we are kind of expected to be by ourselves (mentally,emotionally,financially,physically, and any other -ally you would like to add,please go ahead!)


Yes, it is important to have a Plan B but oh the wonders belief and self-confidence can do!!

Here’s to more belief as we move from dusk to dawn,when smiles end with frown..




Of Fancy Dreams and Real Efforts

Oh, how easy it is to think of yourself on the stage. Spotlights on you. The crowd going bonkers, screaming your name and jumping with fan-boards saying “Marry Me!”while you dance your heart out.

How easy it is to go for that  fan-fest, being the highlight of the evening, signing tees,album records, books, papers, hands,shoes and other things people come up with.

How easy it is to imagine singing in front of that beautifully set up space with the most ideal musicians and audience.

Ideal. That is how are dreams tend to be. It is easy to dream such dreams, looking up at the sky with glitter in your eyes and a priceless smile on your face.


But is it really that easy to achieve them? Oh NO. Oh, HELL NO.

There will be a dozen of unpredictable things that can happen and will go wrong, beyond your imagination and control. Your support system may fall apart, for all you know ,you might not even have a support system. You might not be accepted, people would legit ask you to quit and say it is not meant for you. They will embarrass you and make you only look at your failures. There will be roadblocks, injuries, accidents, absolutely broke days, uninspired days, sick of everything week, why am I even doing this month.

And that is when I would want you to read/watch “The Pursuit of Happyness”. And engrave this in your head- “You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

You will have to celebrate your small wins, even if it is just by yourself. But celebrate. Appreciate every little bold step that you take towards your progress, make those addictive, unhealthy sacrifices. Push yourself because nobody else is going to do that for you. Work smart and hard. Harder,Hardest. And most importantly, be patient. Everything will happen with time. It takes some real tough work to get what you really want . Out of the 60 minutes in an hour, every minute of all the 24 hours, you probably will have a thought of quitting, with that ache in your heart, the crumpled soul, the bleeding stomach, the dead body, the tired mind. You will ask if this is even worth all the efforts, when everyday is a fight with yourself to become better than what you were yesterday. You will question your sanity, your decisions, the opportunity costs, which will always be too damn high.

Then there will be times when you are glad to be breathing with happiness in soul and celebrating the fact that you are eventually doing what you love. The satisfaction, oh those moments of sheer pleasure- will tell you why it is worth it.  Irrespective of the fame or success (which will take a long time,mind you), you will still keep at it. Look back to only see how far you have come.

And you won’t even realise, you’ll become that diamond from the charcoal after the amount of pressure you went through. That is the day a star will be born without you even realising it, until then,

Keep Working , Keep Believing and Keep Celebrating 🙂



Why You Should Just GO-FOR-IT

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”                – Aristotle

You know when you hear of some amazing line up of artists/teachers for workshops or a festival, and you doubt if your hands and legs will even coordinate or even move the way theirs’ do and self-doubt is at its peak because you know, you might take time to digest whatever you see them do whereas people around you be slaying the choreography and will have that knowledge base which you have been so lazy to gather, SO you question yourself.

This year I questioned myself twice.

For all those who know me, I am a complete amateur dancer who has never been trained professionally. But since LKG, I have always danced – in Annual days, Talent shows, Workshops, Random performances, House chilling scenes, Shops, basically everywhere. The music would come on and I would dance without any care for the world. Enjoying my own rhythm and spreading my vibe to people around me.

Yes, I am in the process of training now. But there is a looooong way to go.

There was Baliamos – Underground Hip hop festival in Mumbai and Latin Soul Fiesta in Pune. Having absolutely no knowledge of what really lies ahead and which artist is going to teach what exactly, I went for it. I just had this itch to try it out and get exposed to what it really is. And I do not regret it one bit! Of course after a lot of doubt and having phases of self-fights in two extremes-to go and share the vibe and the feeling of being completely lost there. So I did ended up looking like this most of the time. (Yay, Finally got some good candid pictures!)


Though  I did a quick google search of the artists right before entering the venue, which is never enough, I enjoyed both these fests thoroughly. Immense learning experience and to my delight, there were a few who were quite new to the styles as well. So it doesn’t make you feel THAT out of place. And you get to meet some really warm and nice people who will be more than happy to help you with things. And you will discover a new you and will tend to spread your vibe like this:


Just going to share a few tips to make it even better for yourself:

  1. Believe – Yes, you can. All things magical starts from this one word. You were born original, don’t die a copy.
  2. Be Fearless – So what if you forget the choreography when your group has to show off their version of it? Improvise. No one is judging your steps. Just be confident of what you do!
  3. Research – It would be good to know who exactly is going to teach what and look up some videos online. Study the artists too so you can ask and talk to them after the workshops. Trust me, their stories are always inspiring.
  4. The student life approach – Be the learner, the observer. Be patient, you’ll get it. Practice more. Figure ways to do it even you are in the front few rows that have been asked to sit. Don’t give up on yourself and don’t be disappointed.
  5. Take it forward – Yes, 3 days of 15 workshops and back home to sleep forever. No, look things up on the net and make it a point to practice it with someone once in a while. (PS: I have gone for atleast 3 socials now since I attended LSF)

Life is too short to wait for the right moment. You are always ready to learn, always.
SO next time if there is any fest, I am not going to think twice(until unless I am really broke!)

Just go for it and share your vibe! Here’s to soulful experiences :”)



The Night I finally Gate-crashed a Fancy Wedding

We all have this one wish in our bucket list that just never seems to happen. Either we aren’t ready when the opportunity arises or the opportunity does not arise when we are! But 2 weeks back, coincidentally both were ready and being the opportunistic I am, we decided to finally tick that off!

My friend and I finally reached the place we were to go for another friend’s birthday scene and we see this fancy lit up place facing the waters right next to Gateway. Although I wanted to crash one at Marine drive but this one was no less.We entered to find out that there is no mention of the bride and groom. Typical Indian weddings usually have the “BOY weds GIRL” in proper noun just outside the gate. We walked further to find the only name mentioned was “Food Catered by Grills and Wok”. OK. We walked further and made it a point to go to the stage to wish the bride and the groom but the bride was not on stage. That made us think that maybe this not a wedding, it is just a hotel opening maybe. There was no music, no dance happening, no Chat counter,no scene of people only standing near the food stalls. Couldn’t be a wedding,right? WRONG.

We looked around only to find ourselves standing out from the beautifully dressed Muslim ladies (I do not know how ALL of them have such glowing skin!) and absolutely stunning, handsome men who had clearly dressed for a wedding. We turn towards the side where we thought food would be served only to find the bride walking with her sister’s. Yes, some people constantly had their eyes on us as we clearly weren’t in a similar attire but we were in formals.

OK. We had gatecrashed a wedding afterall. WIN. A Muslim one- this was my first time experience so I don’t mean to generalise but this is how it was for us.

Since we did not know who’s wedding we were in, we decided to keep our identity as surprise food inspectors from the caterers’ side to monitor the quality. #YAYBRAIN Thankfully the attire helped us with that identity so *phew*

By now our stomach was rumbling. But the food counter only had desserts and juices. “Where is the food served?”, I shamelessly asked a waiter as he passed by. He said that the starters and main course is served only on the table. Since most of the tables were filled, we decided to sit next to the two people sitting in a eight seater. We waited for sometime but no one seemed to come to serve us. Hangry me, I asked them what is going on. They said they cannot start serving a table if eight people are not sitting on one. “WHAT IS THIS SYSTEMATIC WEDDING”, I screamed in my head. We maintained our poise and calm to sit on another table that needed just two more people for them to start serving. Of course, we felt bad for the two people we left behind but sorry, stomach before humanity!

Starters started pouring in. Every single thing was from some animal’s body. Preferred vegetarian that I was, chose to give them a shot. Tasted damn fine and then the royal Chicken Biriyani comes in. You can only imagine how yumm in the tumm that was!

Surprisingly,no one asked us anything. Confidence definitely sells everywhere. Yes, there were times when my friend thought that if they got to know they could kill us but all in most laughable way!

I am a fool for experiences as they help me strengthen my belief that the world is not that bad a place and people are quite great and judgements should not be made on the basis of just 1% of people that are bad in every race/culture/religion/country/continent.

The evening ended well with a different experience of an Indian wedding. Hoping many more experiences in 2017.

Signing off,



I don’t know about you,But I’m not ready for 22

Hello,you lovely face reading this.

This is a pure birthday rant. Do not expect some great level of wisdom here.

Warned you.

Fine. You only chose to read.

Here goes:

I am going to turn 22 in a week.
Let me just digest that.

Why am I making such a big deal out of it? Everyone turns 22,right? Right.
Age is just a number? No. NOT. Especially not in my case. When you look 16, but are mentally 26 but from heart a simple 6. What are you supposed to do!

Although I told myself that I will eat a whole big box of Nutella on that day, so I am kinda looking forward to it. But that is just a small thing to make me look forward to it. Yeah, I try to play mind games with myself

It is a weird age.
You’re still figuring how to adult.
Your dark circles are actually bigger than the Ront de jambe you make in your ballet classes. (That’s the funniest thing I have ever said btw!)

A part of me wants to really go all out and fulfil my party desires as my schedule does not really allow me to have a that life as such. Another part of me wants to just take a leave and sleep in the day and go out with my famjam.

I absolutely miss my college gang aka friends for life aka, nevermind (:P, you guys stop smirking!). They would make it the most special thing on the surface of the Earth. EVERY YEAR. College was definitely the best time with them!
Also, it will be without her because hello exams. But that is cool I think. #BirthdaytwinsAt12am


On another note,to be very honest, I do not know why people make such a big deal about birthdays. I mean fine,yes, your parents took the effort, your mom went through the pain and the doctors actually took you out and you made hardly any effort other than breathing which is very natural, so what is this celebration about? Your sheer existence that still hasn’t made any major impact in the world?

Yes, celebrate small wins but always keep the bigger goals in mind. Make the world a better place because they do not need successful people any more. The world needs successful human beings.

Be happy, don’t panic.

And miracles will happen!

The POSITION “Matters”

Recently I found myself sitting as an audience for an Annual day that I had choreographed along with others from The Danceworx academy.

What I really found astonishing was the eagerness to know the position . On Day 1, when I simply asked them to spread out to give each other space to dance,the kids from 6th-11th grade would only ask me if they were standing in the same position as they would stand on stage. I told them let me first teach you the choreography and just a few days before the show, your positions will be given. They smiled with a little bit of unrest in their heart which I could see in their eyes. And I turned my back towards them continuing with the choreography, I sensed the same unrest that I felt during the Summer Workshop.

It was mid April 2016 when I had just got promoted from the Beginners level in Jazz to the the next level- Basic Elementary.It was a new level, obviously tough for me. It was during the same time that I joined Probation.

The Summer workshop is The Danceworx’s annual showcase wherein all the students of the batch, along with the Probationers and the Company members perform on stage after learning and rehearsing for almost 6 weeks, showing what they had learnt during the year. Now I got promoted just a month before and I found myself struggling with the speed and sharpness of the routine. Of course I knew I was doing terrible, so I would take time out to practice more and more. Listen to the music whenever I had the time- from the way to the studio to the breaks in between, I would mentally and if possible,physically, do the routine whenever I got the time. I would always ask for feedback to know how I can improve more and if there was an improvement from my instructor after every class. Of course as a Beginner student who was just promoted, my instructor told me that I was progressing. I was happy about my growth, but that was just an absolute comparison. As compared to the group, I guess I was still sucking at it.

The final week came and I wasn’t good enough to be placed in the first row,which I could see coming, so I was okay with it. My instructor placed me in the corner,towards the end,which was kind of a shocker for someone who has always danced in the first row-centre. Obviously I was not happy. My mentor had once mentioned in his class that the auditorium is designed in such a way that the people who are sitting in the corners can never see the centre properly so each and every performer will be noticed by different people. And as long as you are enjoying, it does not matter where you have been placed.

I was mature enough to understand the logic. So I gave my full at the back with another girl who was the same case as me! But was still not happy by the fact that I was not Stage Centre.

Coming back to the school, there was this girl who,during the last week would keep coming to me and telling me that she wants to stand in the front. At first, I told her,”Let me see you do better, give me more energy and then I will see.” Later on, her friends came upto me and started telling me that she is very upset. I explained them that the position is earned through hard work and she has not caught my eye yet,so I just cannot simply place her there. It became an issue when the teacher’s also had to get involved to make her understand. I then told her the same thing that my mentor had told his class during the workshop.

But ofcourse, she did not really understand and pinged me just a few hours before the performance to swap her position. I stood by what I had said,unmelted by her words. I empathised with her but I felt she needed to know nothing in the life ever comes easy. And if that is understood early on, you will put in more efforts in whatever you do in life.

I ended the conversation saying that I need you to give me your full during the show as it is your last year here AND Do not forget to smile. She sent a smiley saying”Ok,Miss”. She also said that she would miss me a lot on the School’s dance group on the last day.

I only hope we learn and understand what goes behind to coming in the centre. Ashley Lobo, our director, also says that he started off from the last row.
And just look where he is now!

I just wanted to share this message with every dancer, every parent who’s child goes on stage that it is really not about the position. It is more about the process and the growth that you have experienced to go up there!

Work Hard,Keep dancing!

Let me know your thoughts as well 🙂



“Nacho” Saare Gee Phadke!

Initially, I was never a fan of Nachos. Because my first experience with them was in an air tight packet which tasted like weird fried chips. So whenever anyone spoke to me about Nachos, my first reaction would be YUCK, WHY IS THIS EVEN IN INDIA!

Well, who knew those lovely fried/baked chips could be one of my most ordered dish on Instagram! It was at Bombay Blues, in the year 2013 that I had my first “good” experience with Nachos. I am going to pick my top ones and tell you where you can get them!

1) Chillies, Near Singapore’s Universal Studioimg_20150506_171027

After an exhilarating day at Universal Studios(our first time there!), we were obviously very starved. We entered the place right near the exit of the studio to find ourself ordering a lot of Mexican food and yes, it was absolutely the BEST Nachos I ever had! The Nachos were not very crispy, not soggy either but a perfect blend between the two.

No, for the others you do not need a passport 😛

2) Irish House,Fort



We went here after our convocation because like always my group was not sure where to go to celebrate this occasion. We were on top of the world to have finally graduated and were munching onto these crispy nachos because hey, Nachos can never go wrong,right?
You HAVE to try these out!!

3)Local, Fort

I took my parents out to show places where I usually chill back when I was in college and when I had just started working. My mom was not too happy with the loud music but enjoyed everything we ordered. Fortunately for me, it was not very crowded so we could still talk at the table.


4) Ovenfresh, Dadar


Isn’t your mouth just watering by looking at this? Well it was much more full when it came on the plate. But we couldn’t stop ourselves so I just HAD to click the best cheese nachos! Go to this place,AMAZING FOOD! Went with my office lifelines to a casual dinner here.

5) Bar Stock Exchange,Lokhandwala

It was our 21st birthday. And we stormed into that place.”No Entry Under 25″ rule, we broke that day! The Nachos were the crispiest I have ever had. Actually they hardly tasted like Nachos but it still was a great “chakna”


6) Cafe Coffee Day, Bandra

Yeah you read that right. “Who eats Nachos at CCD!” Well, my friend and I did. She had some very important and big news to share with me that day. I went there straight after office as I was not sure if things were ok at her end as we had not met and spoken for months. Coming back to the nachos, To my surprise, they did quite a good job!


Do you want me to try some favorites from your list?

Do comment below and I shall try them out!

Keep eating,Stay Healthy


The Day When I Woke Up Next to 3 Men Around Me

Yes, you read that right.

No, it is NOT what you are thinking!

This goes back to 2014.

I had been working with AIESEC, the world’s largest student run organisation for almost a year then, sending several students to countries abroad-unheard of, unexplored of. Before my final year began, I decided to go on one myself. Yes, with such great conviction I would sell these internships of creating a social impact abroad when I had never gone for one! So my prospects conversion rate would not be high as in the last minute when they would ask me,”Have you ever gone for it?”, I would politely say,”No” but with great pride in my eyes I would talk of stories that my friends had experienced during their internships.

That is when I decided to go for one,unaware of the herculean task to convince my parents to send their beloved daughter to a country unknown, where we have no far-off or distant relatives(No, not even my aunt’s son-in-law’s daughter’s only child), a language that I have never mastered nor even with an understanding of their culture. The first time they heard Russia, my mom said there are Mafia’s there and we do not know anyone from the Armed forces there who can protect you (Yes, the D background parents are way more overprotective than the others!). Somehow after some arguments,exchange of letters(yeah, we did not want to talk to each other because it went upto that EXTENT),emotional scenes, I managed to convince them to let me live the experience of a lifetime.

And Russia was nowhere close to my list. I was focusing on Europe- a complete backpacking trip. but because I did not want my parents to change their mind, I decided to go wherever I got my first match. And Russia it was, a project called FLY-Finance Literacy for Youth. And I grabbed it. The process of getting my Invitation letter and Visa is another story in itself. I’m just glad it all worked out EXACTLY the way I wanted to otherwise I would have done some Bharat darshan trip with ze famjam!


^The Project managers, and I just thought to myself that it couldn’t get any better!

The family’s first one to go International. That too, ALONE! *wootwoot*

So coming back to the men in my room.

I had a long flight and I was fortunate that my trainee buddy was there to pick me up and help me get to my hostel where I stayed in for a month. So Moscow is quite a crazy city with a spider web kind of a train route, it is quite well connected to all its sub-cities. oh their metro systems! The architecture, the surroundings, the busy lush life, the people, the hygiene. Oh wait! Their escalators can be almost 2km long!! There are different floors to get through different lines. Like how Mumbai has Western, Central and Harbor lines, that city has EIGHT lines which are all connected at the same place!! So yeah, it was almost a 2-3 hour journey on my way back. And as it was my first time, I obviously did not know how to travel light. With 3 ENORMOUS bags, we changed stations, walked, ran,fell, got yelled at, got help and finally reached my hostel. I informed my lifelines about my arrival and crashed.

dsc_2407The best trainee Buddy one can ever find, presenting to you all Olgaaaaa!

Without lunch and dinner, I woke up the next day surrounded by 3 men in my huge room with bunk beds.

Yes, they were almost half naked as I could see their skin while they were asleep.


Me slyly trying to show my friends back home to what I was going through.

But IMAGINE. Coming to a completely new country, crashing because no energy left and waking up to see them! Like a typical Indian girl, I checked my sheets to make sure all was cool (YES,I WAS SCARED,OK?). And it was,indeed!

Later on, I got to know it is a co-ed hostel which was my first culture shock as hey, we know how it is back home so don’t raise your eyebrows when you read this on your screen.

So yeah, This is just one of the many CRAZYMAD things that happened to me.

Stay tuned for more!